Design for small business

Having started my own smaller company in 2010 I have first hand knowledge of what is needed to trade with clients and how to create a good impact on a shoe-string budget. That’s all very well and good for me I hear you say, a designer can design for themselves without creating added expense…

So, to help these small businesses I set about creating a set of vital items that would be needed to trade with – the bare minimum to ensure that when they spoke to their prospects they were always showing a uniformity of image. And all at an affordable price.

The set comprises; logo/identity, business card, digital e-mail signature, digital letterhead. As a second phase I would strongly suggest a brochure, even if small, both digital and printed, plus of course a website.

I have noticed a lot of new start-ups who are sole traders forego the use of any image to present their company and for the most part I’d say this was a big mistake. Human psychology dictates a need to see something visual and read something well written by way of a company presentation in order to trust that the service or product they are buying into is legitimate. There are many rogue traders operating these days and we certainly don’t want to be included in that category.

Plus of course your competition will no doubt already have their ‘credible image’ out on the street and you will need to be able to compete and attract clients from them, so it makes perfect sense to have something from day one which presents you and your company as a viable option in the marketplace.

The images above show a very small identity which I have recently completed for a client who deals with colonic hydrotherapy. With the small brochure and card she has been able to leave her visual presence in clinics and spa’s and when contacted by e-mail her visual signature backs up the items that a potential prospect has already seen. Voila 🙂


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