What a week!

It’s a bit of a roller coaster ride at the moment. We go from having so much design work one week to just ticking over the next.

I love both times, when I have a lot to do I am at my most creative and most organised. The ideas just seem to roll out of my head one after the other like a fast shooting gun, I run around in meetings, take briefs, see printers, speak with photographers and copywriters, make presentations, book advertising space and try hard to remember to have lunch!

On the slower weeks, I actually get time to concentrate on my own promotion and conjure up ways of spreading the word for designworks! While I was driving to a meeting today I was weighing up the best way to promote designworks!, I considered local radio, with a talk show to explain the merits of what we can do, advertising in specific publications, this blog, my own website, getting more from my facebook page.

There really are so many different types of media that we can choose these days, and it’s imperative that we find the right way to our audience (and the media is different for each of us depending on our type of business). The only objective is getting results – and that goes for my clients and myself.

It’s not good enough to have ‘pretty design’ these days, we are not in a beauty parade, it has to be functional and make sales. That’s not to say that it can be poorly done or look scruffy, that will only reflect badly on the company, there has to be a look of professionalism.

Anyway, that made me think about the essentials and a couple of years back I gave a talk at a network event regarding the importance of your business card. Check out the business cards page – this really is the first impression you make with a client so it had better be good.

I’ll leave you to wade through that for now and carry on adding pages for other areas of my work, I may look at brochures next or maybe even websites – that is probably the most essential tool in your identity box these days.

Have a great weekend and speak soon.



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