Business cards

I could spend at least a year talking about your business card.

This is the very first contact you are going to have with a potential prospect so you really do need to look your very best. Would you go to the first meeting in just your underwear? I hope not 😉 and likewise you don’t want a card that dresses you down and exposes you as unprofessional or un-knowledgeable. Your business card has to say a lot in a very little space of time and the recipient must want to keep it – so it’s worth investing perhaps a little more to make certain that your card will be the one that’s kept and your number the one that’s being rung for business.

Business cards should conform (in my view) to the standard credit card size as it ensures it will fit neatly into somebody’s wallet or card holder. But that doesn’t mean you are stuck, we can create wonderful and memorable messages using both sides of the card, and even use folding cards turning them into mini-brochures, this really does open up a world of opportunities and your prospect always has all of your information right where he needs it.

I have recently completed a card for a currency exchange company and they have had a phenomenal response, it has elevated their business, given them credibility and improved sales. Of course they also have some other rather good design literature to back up their card but we’ll come on to that in later pages.

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