Hello Blogworks!

Of course, this is all Silvia’s doing!

She breezes into my life (quite a while ago actually…) and lands me in a blog, just like that!

Of course I’m eternally grateful as I have been ‘meaning to’ create some information about Designworks! for the last two years but time has just crept away while I wasn’t noticing (I think it snuck under my chair and is glued to the underneath so that I can’t find it – I’ll have a look later and let you know).

So here we are and like all new bloggers I have every intention to keep this post updated with fresh and exciting news on a daily basis. Ahem…

That said, this is what I’ve been working on this week (note not daily…).


I didn’t actually create the logo this week, but did some work on printed literature, billboards and signs. I can’t actually let you see tham though until the client approves one of the design – so watch this space. I think this is enough for my first bloglet anyway.

Speak soon
S x

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